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10 Digit Telephone Number

Discussion in 'General' started by sheepdip, May 31, 2016.

  1. sheepdip

    sheepdip New Member

    trueCall Model:
    trueCall Call Blocker
    I don't know if it is just something I have just noticed or the fact that the law has changed about always having to display your telephone number (don't know if that is law yet) however in the last few weeks I have noticed an increaseing number of calls getting through trueCall with only 10 digits in the telephone number insted of 11.

    They claim to come from various exchange locations so I am unable to block just a exchange code and when I do a lookup there is no reference to the number at all.

    Is it just something that affects me or has anybody elese noticed this as well.
  2. Top Cat

    Top Cat Administrator Forum Volunteer

    trueCall Model:
    trueCall Classic + Extra + Recorder
    Englishman in Wales!
    I have a fair few of those in my call logs too. I white-list very specific STD codes and the rest go to messaging, so none of them bother me and they don't leave messages (thank goodness). I also note a number of international calls (apparently), including Peru, but I imagine they originate closer than that and use some kind of CLI spoofing (which may also be the answer to the 10-digit numbers logged).

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